Okay, so there will be nonsense, there will be chaos, and there will be ramblings. The documents on here will make more sense, but hey guys, it’s me, my site is gonna have a bit of weirdness to it 😀

What is LARP?

LARP is Live Action Role Play, it’s like a theatrical improv production, where we design all the characters and elements you’ll interact with, and you come in as the main characters and direct the play. Except with more variables. A LOT more variables. It also includes a rules system, so words (calls) that will be said that will tell you what to do and when. EG: ‘Man Down’ is a call that means someone has got hurt for real rather than with a fake weapon. Likewise ‘Single’ means you take one hit of damage (to roleplay/act out as you so wish) against your total number of hits. Like HP in a computer game. Much like in a computer game, there is a range of rules that have to be obeyed, in order to do certain things you have to check with a Ref, who is a member of the crew who will be not interacting with the story, and will be wandering around in a high vis jacket or sash to answer questions. This can be things like “Ref, I want to cast a fireball and set that thing on fire” at which point you will be asked “do you have X abilities?” and if you do (creating a character, like in a game involves taking skills or abilities, but not many don’t worry) you may or may not be able to do the thing depending on the situation, like if it’s made of water, you probably can’t set it on fire, etc. Another piece of terminology is IC and OC, IC is In Character, as in the character you have designed is doing it. OC is Out of Character, so you yourself. If you have something happen and you believe it to be affecting you not your character, that would be a situation to go to talk to a crew member and say “I am being affected OC”, or if you want to drop acting for a moment, you ‘go OC’.
There are rules that need to be obeyed, so please read through them and check with a member of crew if you are uncertain, otherwise I hope this explains some of what LARPing is. There are more sites that explain it better, but I hope this is an introduction, and isn’t just confusing.
TL;DR – I suggest googling it, I am terrible at explaining it.

Now, if you came here for Tasha rambles, read the paragraph below. Otherwise click an option from the menu above, and I should have added some links to current games and old ones with photo’s. If any were taken. WHICH THEY MIGHT HAVE BEEN. >.>


About us

So I’m writing this at about 2am, which is probably the time I come up with a lot of LARP’s. As it’s two in the morning, some are a bit….impossible? Or just downright bad. The bad ones get trashed after any good bits have been nicked from them, the impossible ones get stored away for ‘Rich and organised future Tasha’, and the good ones? They actually get planned. Maybe even written down. See, I do a lot of writing, but in the end, most of the ideas stay in my head. I don’t know how my brain does it, maybe it’ll explode one day. But I like to think that if some people can remember 1000 numbers into pie, I can remember all my ideas without spontaneously combusting. As you may have noticed, things get pretty weird around here after midnight, and some would say me coming up with ideas at 2am is the reason my LARPs are so…well…weird. But honestly? Any LARP I come up with will be a bit odd at least, my mind doesn’t do standard. Or coherency. I have not had someone power game my system and win yet, mainly because I’m not sure you can. Sometimes I have skills, and abilities, and magical combinations…..but sometimes it’s just role-play with effects and stuff happening and no actual fancy mechanics. Apparently it somehow works. So if you do decide to play, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, either mechanics and rules light, or limited to only basic calls, with absolutely no mechanics. And try and enjoy the bizarre ride you’re on.