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This was the first game I ever ran, and before Pack Potential was even a name, and it was known simply as ‘Tasha’s Birthday LARP’
It came about because I had wanted to run something, but had basically no confidence, or ability to be in charge. So I equipped myself with my parents house, a butt tonne of paper so i could keep the plot with me at all times, a crew of about 5-7 people who I briefed over skype barely in advance, and all of my costume kit. I threw together a system based on what sounded fun, and attached a plot to it based on midnight thoughts and ideas.

As you will soon learn, these larps can be a bit chaotic. They are making more and more sense as they progress and as I actually work out what kind of things function well in a larp, but this was thrown together with gaffa tape and PVA, and hoping for the best I ran it.

The plot followed a group of flapper period guests who were invited to a party, but unbeknownst there was a murderer amongst them. The plot started with some social politics and policemen inquiring about strange going ons, but quickly descended into ghosts giving brief warnings, people being poisoned, a zombie policeman waiting outside to the absolute terror of the players, and fae interfering with literally everything. Such as it was, the murderer eventually was discovered, and no one died. Apart from some NPC’s. Below are the ‘police interviews’ with some of the guests post event.

Interviews with characters post event in by investigators.

Gregor Stark, poor occult investigator who was just having a bad day.

"Gregor Stark, Special Operations Executive under the command of King George V, Division 6." He will pass them his warrant card, and then explain that he believes that everything that happened during the guests accounts was a result of post-hypnotic suggestion, alcohol, and a potential overindulgence in narcotics as well as the effects of Georgiana's poisoning attempts. He will recount his talking with  Inspector Pond (with whom he also explained his position as a member of the SOE), and tell them what Pond told them all; that he was there to investigate thefts in the area. Gregor will explain that his calling of the station later on questioning whether Inspector Pond had returned was an attempt to determine if the Inspector had been genuine. He has no knowledge of what occurred to the man after that, although one of the servants seems convinced that he had returned as some sort of spectre. Numerous other incidents of the 'occult' or 'supernatural' were believed to have been witnessed, though Gregor will reiterate the power of hypnotism and alcohol in conjunction.

He will mention the numerous incidents of poison, including that he himself was a victim. However, between the efforts of the Professor and Amelise, thankfully no-one succumbed. A doctor was called but by the time he arrived his services were no longer required. Through knowledge of how post-hypnotic suggestion works, Gregor will suggest that he used it in order to draw a confession out of the attempted murderer by pretending to draw on the powers of supernatural beings. Georgiana confessed to the attempted poisonings, exclaiming that she had been driven to it by previous encounters with the other party guests, including himself. Gregor will state that he has no wish to press any charges against her despite her attempt on his life. Having been involved in the clean up of the Davenport estate after the fire, he is relatively understanding of the situation."


Madame Delphine De la Croix, short, succinct, and quite pissed off.


I'm saying nothing else until you FETCH MY FUCKING LAWYER.


and last but not least, the murderer and mass poisoner.

Georgiana Davenport

"Well, officer, it's been a truly dreadful night. Might I trouble you for a glass of water? You're too kind. Well, you see, these chaps are accusing me of an attempted murder spree. Of course it's true, but they've taken it rather sorely. After all, no one actually died, and I did explain that I shan't continue, I've quite changed my mind, because of the fey, you see. Fey. F - E - Y. You see, once we were transported to the fey court, quite rudely I might add, it's one thing to issue an invitation, it's quite another to force the matter - what's that? Yes, court, of the fey queen. Do keep up. Well, I got rather out of sorts, as it turned out one of her dastardly folk was responsible for my brother Tommy's death. Yes, that's right, Thomas Davenport, he was my brother. Yes, it was a terrible business, more than you probably realize. This damnable sprite was behind the whole thing. Tried to stab her, but she wasn't having any of it. Yes, with a knife. Is assaulting fey a crime? Do add it to the sheet if so. Though to be perfectly honest it didn't really take. 

Jerry, my love, they did try to help, recited a beautiful poem. They would even have traded their soul for Tommy's, bless them. - Is Jerry alright? Do tell them it's all quite alright. I don't mind any of it a bit. It's no more than I deserve really. It's rather nice after all this time to just tell the truth. Not that you believe a word of it I expect, but it's true none the less. 

The poisoning? Oh, that's the dull part, but if you insist. Yes, that was me. Delphy and Greggy. Though Ducky fixed them right up, so it didn't do any harm in the long run. Didn't make it to Sparkles. Oh, Lucy was poisoned too, but that was a complete mistake, I never intended that. That was the fey's fault, taking us like that. And Delphy and Greggy did rather deserve it. Greggy admitted as much, so I don't know that I can be blamed for that. And Delphy killed my friend, so it was understandable on my part to be a little ticked off about that, you must admit. Of course I understand now that it was just Delphy's body, the fey cleared up that little issue, and I didn't try to kill her again after that. What? Oh, Susannah Darling, a few months back, really my dear, it was in all the papers. Of course they couldn't prove a thing, but I figured it out. 

Oh dear, I seem to be out of water. I don't suppose you could top me up? Preferably with something a little stronger, it really has been quite a night. Brandy perhaps? No no, I quite understand. Where was I? Oh yes, Greggy - he did rather deserve it, but I quite changed my mind, after he agreed to fight for the fey in order to restore Tommy's soul. Damned good of him, really. I quite forgave him after that. Felt rather bad, to be honest. And of course, there's Jerry. You see I thought I'd lost them, on top of everything else, so I hadn't really anything left to lose. Not sure there was really much of me left, to be honest. I felt like a husk. Have you ever felt like that, officer? Like everything inside you was stripped away, and there you are, still walking around, smiling and chatting and discussing the latest news, whilst inside you are quite empty? No I suppose not. Well, you might not be aware, but inside you right now are walls, that stop you from doing certain things. They all crumbled as well, you see. So I really had no reason not to reach out and hurt those that hurt me, no walls to tell me where to stop. And then Jerry was back, and I could see what I had done, but it was all quite too late. It is all far too late. And now I shall lose Jerry again. I'm terribly sorry but I don't think I want to talk any more. I feel very tired. It's been such a dreadful night."




(Credit to Suzy Fenge)

Left – The traitor and her lover, her innocent unsuspecting lover who accidentally got poisoned along with probably everyone else because poison was contact and consume and were lil tiny stickers so….I maybe made it too easy to poison people. (But it was amazing and hilarious watching people have to not IC react to seeing the little sticker)
Top right – Big boss Tasha running their first LARP. Turns out it’s chaotic, hence the running around in ‘I’m invisible’ sashes to try and keep everything under control with token ref crib sheet in hand.
Bottom right – Player’s eye the camera person suspiciously…possibly because they were a ghost not long ago, and no one quite believes they are just an innocent crew member. (Also that is some fancy flapper hair going on in the background).

Left and right – Said spooky ghost crew member. Flapper ghost is best ghost. Also crew member in the background (Left) who was a very flexible member, be is fae, staff for the ‘guests’, a monster of some kind, or assistant in the kitchen because we decided to provide food (why oh why)

Left and right – the dancing fae, who hopefully I will be able to upload a video of, as the dance battle was…quite something. Everyone agreed. (There was some corpsing from round the corner)


Above Left – Lurking whilst someone tried to mediate with the fae how to get through the gate. Above right – Said fae gatekeeper. (Cannot get over the aesthetic perfection the players produced for flapper period. The red and blue clothed NPC is a fae, the fae do not listen to your period central theme, the fae wear what they like.)