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This is the last check; proof reading, managing pages so that they display correctly, adding in anything to make the site easier to read…and then we’re live! I am so hype, SO HYPE. I have made a pretty website, I am running LARPs, THIS IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING!

Today, if all goes well, WE WILL BE ONLINE! Please contact me with any issues you have with the site, be it spelling or coding issues, and with anything you would like more of up here. Also please check back daily for updates to the site in terms of current events!



Thus the site was born. And thus it needed A LOT OF WORK. The site, when you see it, will have been worked on for several days, I am writing this now in desperation as I think the level of editing, and low level coding, and trying to work out where this thing stores it’s settings for each. Little. Thing…is sending me into a work coma…I think I’m feeling a bit ill…so this is my escape, writing something other than web content.

Today has been mainly LARP work, with a bit of crafting in the middle. Though, to be honest, that was crafting for the LARP. SPOILER ALERT: I used candles. Anyone who knows me, knows my stupid weird love of using wax in crafting. Or at least they should, I babble about it enough. So of course larp props would eventually become a target for this kind of craft.

Right, time to go to bed, and dream of coding and clicking buttons and endless typing. Yaaaaaaaay.

Night all. X