The Old Gods

The old gods consist of the Old God, otherwise known as the Green Man, and the Goddess, also known as the Green Lady or the Triple Goddess, who preside over the council of gods, best known as the Norse gods, who have taken nordic names over their old ones. (E.g. Woden is now referred to as Odin)

The Green Man

During the winter solstice he takes the form of The Oak King, and then during the summer solstice he appears as The Holly King. He can also appear at any time of year as the Horned Man, or Horned King. He represents all elements, and great power.

The Green Lady/Triple Goddess

She takes the form of the mother, the crone, and the maiden. She represents any triad of elements, in any combination, and people who believe her to be their guiding goddess, and who follow her above all else, have been known to only use three elements, discarding their ability to use the fourth element.


Father of the Norse gods, god of war and death, god of poetry and wisdom. His messengers take the form of two ravens, and his elements  are Fire and Earth. People tied to him often use the raven as an indicator, feeling themselves proud of such fiery passion and earthly wisdom, and as such are unwilling to hide themselves.


She is the patron of marriage and motherhood, favoured by the Green Lady, and her messenger is an owl. Air and water are her elements, and if you are favoured by her you are also favoured by the Green Lady. Some people see worshipping her as dividing yourself between the Green Lady and a lesser god, but Frigg and the Green Lady are intricately connected as both of their purviews encompass motherhood and femininity.


He is the god of Thunder, and his worshippers are renowned to have no fear; they have been known to celebrate during even the worst of storms in the hope of catching sight of him in the sky. His messengers are two shaggy goats, their fleece prickled with static and electricity, and his main element is Fire.


She is the goddess of love and fertility; her messengers are two cats, and her core element is water. Frigg and Freya worshippers often end up fighting, as they have very similar views, but differ just enough to fight over it. Where Frigg is marriage and devotion and loyalty to one person, Freya spreads her love to all, and is endeared to many. Where Frigg is motherhood, and tradition, and care, Freya is fertility, production, and life itself. The goddesses are a conflicting pair, more so amongst their worshippers than themselves.


He is the god of light, joy, purity, beauty, innocence, and reconciliation; his messenger is a golden eagle, and his element is air. He is Frigg’s favourite, and is said to fill his true followers with so much joy and innocence that they are loved by all and, like him, cannot be harmed by (almost) anything. Like Balder though, holly can still harm them. However, it is rare, as most people contain darkness somewhere in their heart, and Balder only chooses the pure of heart.


He is the god of justice, and his messenger is a wolf, whilst his element is earth. He is Odin’s favoured son, though not actually born of him. The gods are not sure where Tyr came from, but he is trusted by the Green Man and Odin, so has retained his position. Tyr worshippers are often dismissed as being a fad, or unconventional, but he’s pretty much as old as the rest of the gods.


She is the goddess of the underworld and dislikes necromancy as she believes the dead should stay dead. She will tolerate mindless zombies, though she would prefer that their bodies decay and return to the earth and nature, but she finds bringing souls back from the underworld to be unacceptable. Many falsely believe that she is the daughter of Frigg or Odin. Her messenger is a black hound, and her elements are earth and air.


Unlike the other gods, Loki has no set gender. They are the trickster god, and they will shapeshift into whoever, or whatever they want. Their messenger is a snake, and their elements are fire and water. Like Tyr, they are not a child of Frigg or Odin, and are simultaneously favoured and disliked by most gods.