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I’m going to be honest, this birthday LARP was chaos incarnate. It started as an idea about items choosing peoples fates, and making things happen, much like in that film I won’t spoiler for you. But then it turned into ‘but what if all the items could activate at the same time?’
And then I realised my mistake when within an hour of the game started, all items had been activated and everything ended up killing all but one player within the space of the next hour.
Game time: 2 hours, maybe 2 and a half at a push.
Felt like: longer, so much happened in so little time…

The theme was a funeral afterparty (a wake, I know, but it felt way more like an afterparty, there were party rings and everything) where people who only vaguely knew the deceased were suddenly throw together with one or two people who actually knew her, and one individual who had turned up to the wrong party… (it was gloriously awkward).
The will was read, and items were given to each person, including the ‘wrong place’ guest, and each person was named. After a few revelations and dramatic reveals, and the confused gatecrasher, who shouldn’t be there, getting drunker and drunker, each item was quickly triggered.
One hour, two demons, two gods, and many many ghosts later, there was one survivor. Not including two people stuck in another plane with a gatekeeper of justice, and one guest who had turned into a deity themselves. Details….

There were no photos, there just weren’t, no one took any, it was over too fast…


Hopefully I’ll work out how to upload a video, and that will go here, as there was a super spooky video that played during the event. Otherwise, please have some empty space because of the lack of photo’s taken at the event.