This was the first game I ever ran, and before Pack Potential was even a name, and it was known simply as ‘Tasha’s Birthday LARP’
It came about because I had wanted to run something, but had basically no confidence, or ability to be in charge. So I equipped myself with my parents house, a butt tonne of paper so i could keep the plot with me at all times, a crew of about 5-7 people who I briefed over skype barely in advance, and all of my costume kit. I threw together a system based on what sounded fun, and attached a plot to it based on midnight thoughts and ideas.

As you will soon learn, these larps can be a bit chaotic. They are making more and more sense as they progress and as I actually work out what kind of things function well in a larp, but this was thrown together with gaffa tape and PVA, and hoping for the best I ran it.

The plot followed a group of flapper period guests who were invited to a party, but unbeknownst there was a murderer amongst them. The plot started with some social politics and policemen inquiring about strange going ons, but quickly descended into ghosts giving brief warnings, people being poisoned, a zombie policeman waiting outside to the absolute terror of the players, and fae interfering with literally everything. Such as it was, the murderer eventually was discovered, and no one died. Apart from some NPC’s. Below are the ‘police interviews’ with some of the guests post event.

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