Look and feel

(Pictures Taken by Suzy Fenge/Natasha Mckeeman)

More subdued colours in general, but loads more jewellery, belts, pouches and general storage. Capes are good, bling is shiny.

Stones, precious or otherwise, feathers, anything coloured gold or silver (you can turn rocks or any junk into gold lumps IC so you can have ANYTHING metallic. This is not an uptime skill, it’s a slow downtime one that you can be expected to have mucked around with plenty). More steampunk and medieval. You can stick gems to your face if you like.

As always, if you have a costume idea and aren’t sure about it, chuck us a pic or description and we’ll give you feedback. We welcome creativity, so feel free to step outside what we’ve written if you feel it’ll work!


Brass coast from Empire (a profound decisions LARP) is a good inspiration, but with more facepaint, and more of a magipunk/cyberpunk influence. EL wire and fairy lights are welcome, as is corsetry. You are bright and clashing because colour is life. Hair can be loose or wrapped in a scarf, pirate style, wool dreads are also welcome here. Hippy crossed with goth in a way.

If you’re not sure if your idea will fit, chuck us a pic or description and we’ll give feedback, the style is quite free so be creative!

Note: element symbols will be posted soon, use these to decorate yourself, your clothes, your books or whatever. Especially facepaint if you favour one particular element.

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