Thus the site was born. And thus it needed A LOT OF WORK. The site, when you see it, will have been worked on for several days, I am writing this now in desperation as I think the level of editing, and low level coding, and trying to work out where this thing stores it’s settings for each. Little. Thing…is sending me into a work coma…I think I’m feeling a bit ill…so this is my escape, writing something other than web content.

Today has been mainly LARP work, with a bit of crafting in the middle. Though, to be honest, that was crafting for the LARP. SPOILER ALERT: I used candles. Anyone who knows me, knows my stupid weird love of using wax in crafting. Or at least they should, I babble about it enough. So of course larp props would eventually become a target for this kind of craft.

Right, time to go to bed, and dream of coding and clicking buttons and endless typing. Yaaaaaaaay.

Night all. X

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