(Photo credit to Rosie B)

So pictured to the Left is the crafting of origami to go in the chest, as shown on the Right As head ref, and, well, apart from my brief assistant, only ref, I had to teach everyone how to make origami persimmon. Because ghosts and hauntings come second to hard skills or being able to fold origami.

Left – The platters of home made Sushi that the players made, whilst being haunted. No one cares about ghosts on an empty stomach. (Yes the ghost ref(s) stole some as well. Feed your ref team at all times or be consumed.)

Right – Best assistant/player, making last minute props. This Ouija board was to see much (confused) use in multiple games. Pro tip: Abbreviations are good, as are short answers from the dead. Also players will never understand what you mean. Don’t become a ghost, Ouija boards are hard to talk through.


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