(Credit to Suzy Fenge)

Left – The traitor and her lover, her innocent unsuspecting lover who accidentally got poisoned along with probably everyone else because poison was contact and consume and were lil tiny stickers so….I maybe made it too easy to poison people. (But it was amazing and hilarious watching people have to not IC react to seeing the little sticker)
Top right – Big boss Tasha running their first LARP. Turns out it’s chaotic, hence the running around in ‘I’m invisible’ sashes to try and keep everything under control with token ref crib sheet in hand.
Bottom right – Player’s eye the camera person suspiciously…possibly because they were a ghost not long ago, and no one quite believes they are just an innocent crew member. (Also that is some fancy flapper hair going on in the background).

Left and right – Said spooky ghost crew member. Flapper ghost is best ghost. Also crew member in the background (Left) who was a very flexible member, be is fae, staff for the ‘guests’, a monster of some kind, or assistant in the kitchen because we decided to provide food (why oh why)

Left and right – the dancing fae, who hopefully I will be able to upload a video of, as the dance battle was…quite something. Everyone agreed. (There was some corpsing from round the corner)


Above Left – Lurking whilst someone tried to mediate with the fae how to get through the gate. Above right – Said fae gatekeeper. (Cannot get over the aesthetic perfection the players produced for flapper period. The red and blue clothed NPC is a fae, the fae do not listen to your period central theme, the fae wear what they like.)

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